Nori’s Story

Nori and friend Kate in her ceramics studio, Julatten, Queensland

Nori’s place is in the lush Daintree near Port Douglas. It’s secluded and the kind of place where the air is heavy and damp but clean and sweet. On her property, you would find peacocks, horse, geese, dogs, lizards, and a myriad of other native animals. Nori spends much of her time in her studio where she makes beautiful and practical ceramics which she sells through a high end boutique as well as taking them to the local market once per week.

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Introducing Yourself Part 1

Writing an about section can be difficult. Just look at all of the blank or auto-generated bios on LinkedIn!

From now on, we’ll stop referring to it as an About section. This section is about introducing yourself. Have you ever been put on the spot with a microphone in front of you and the words “introduce yourself” trailing off into the recent past? Perhaps 1% of the population is naturally inclined towards being able to give a charming and accurate answer. The rest of us ramble on, including our name, job title, company, and maybe a half-baked explanation of what we do.

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Wishes take Work

Written by Jo Shambler, Career Management

I’ve recently been reflecting on the things that I have wished for in my life (big and small). Some of those things have happened and some haven’t. Perhaps in the back of my mind, I had a perspective that miraculously, if I simply wished for something, or wished for it hard enough, it would happen. I’ve often got hung up on putting emotional energy into the wishes that haven’t come true and were never likely to and here’s where my logical mind says remember “the late great Stephen Covey and his Circle of Influence” – I can’t control everything in my life.

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