Argh! I wrote my own bio and this is what it looks like..

The dreaded blank page start

I put my money where my mouth is and completed the Wiserr mini-course. I am a self-proclaimed NON-writer but I think I did an ok job and now have a well-done-me sense of achievement.

So here goes..

Helping someone identify their strengths, skills and interests in order to find a vocational sweet-spot is intoxicating. An unexpected spin-off to creating Wiserr is the joy of meeting people when they’re reflecting on their achievements and feeling their wonderfully-creative-optimistic-can-do best.

Wiserr was created from a collision of ideas, truths and the nonsense of wasted wisdom and experience. The penny dropped (actually it was a drop-everything-epiphany and I’ve had three in my life) during a conversation over a beer with my dad while reflecting on the close of his business many years before. I realised a way to help people to reimagine profitable and meaningful avenues by combining their knowledge, skills, experiences, recreational pastimes and lifestyle to basically establish something-from-nothing. In my dad’s case, this concept allowed him to breakdown the three decades of his commercial photography experience to consult, freelance and create for profit and give back by imparting his knowledge. I realise he wasn’t creating “something-from-nothing” at all, rather repurposing a lifetime of highlights and learnings, however I like the idea of it and the permission it gives people, so I’m sticking with it.

Creating something-from-nothing captivates my imagination and has done since I was a kid well before I knew what an entrepreneur was. Still, the appeal of “what if” and envisioned best-case outcomes is too tempting not to pursue, it is just a matter of reigning in the right idea. 
From day dot mum has ingrained self-belief so I intuitively back myself and pave my own path. My creative abilities have been a life-saver and instigator of many businesses including freelance illustration and graphic design, jewellery design and children’s clothing and my still-running adult clothing label, R C / K P
My leap-of-faith approach fuels my confidence by proving anything can be achieved however it was my experience working for QAG GoMA and British artist Damien Hirst which taught me professionalism and world-class performance.

While at a crossroads in my life, it made sense to build a business resource website with tools to leap-frog ideas and services to market. It made more sense to design it for the over 50’s demographic who already have the skills, knowledge and experience then connect them to an eager-to-learn intergenerational audience through technological channels.
I believe by standing on the shoulders of giants and tapping into the wiserr generations we will solve more social, economical and environmental problems than any government could.

Since starting Wiserr I have learnt from exceptional mentors, sought answers from experts, trialled ideas with insightful participants and created a rich network of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. It compounds my belief anyone can have a linear experience from a textbook, Youtube or webinar but engagement through shared interests, guidance and seeking answers from those who have done it all before is where we truly learn, as Benjamin Franklin said “Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I learn”

With that in mind, I believe anyone can make an impact at any stage in life, as long as we have a can-do mind-set and never stop learning.

Your turn. Try writing your own bio and see what magic you can create through the mini-course we created (Ok Rosie created).

~ Kate

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