Creating a workshop title and description

Step 2. “Well I know a lot about that, so I’ll call it..”

The title should be succinct and descriptive: a few words so that people know exactly what you’re doing. As an example, Nori has a “One Day Ceramics Workshop”.

Think of what you would like to call your workshop and write it down for later.

Your workshop description can be as long or as short as you would like, but at minimum, we suggest that you include:

  • What they will learn and take away
  • What to bring
  • What you will supply

See Nori’s description here (below “One Day Ceramics Workshop”).

You can look at other examples here.

Try drafting your workshop description. If you get stuck, ask for advice or feedback in the Wiserr Hub Facebook group or talk through it with a friend.

Don’t yet have a Wiserr profile to create your workshop? Register here to get cracking.

Next, Step 3: Decide when (or how frequently) you will run the workshop.

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