Argh! I wrote my own bio and this is what it looks like..

The dreaded blank page start

I put my money where my mouth is and completed the Wiserr mini-course. I am a self-proclaimed NON-writer but I think I did an ok job and now have a well-done-me sense of achievement.

So here goes..

Helping someone identify their strengths, skills and interests in order to find a vocational sweet-spot is intoxicating. An unexpected spin-off to creating Wiserr is the joy of meeting people when they’re reflecting on their achievements and feeling their wonderfully-creative-optimistic-can-do best.

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Introducing Yourself Part 1

Writing an about section can be difficult. Just look at all of the blank or auto-generated bios on LinkedIn!

From now on, we’ll stop referring to it as an About section. This section is about introducing yourself. Have you ever been put on the spot with a microphone in front of you and the words “introduce yourself” trailing off into the recent past? Perhaps 1% of the population is naturally inclined towards being able to give a charming and accurate answer. The rest of us ramble on, including our name, job title, company, and maybe a half-baked explanation of what we do.

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Creating the perfect Linkedin & social media profile to market yourself effectively


Everyone seems to be talking about LinkedIn, but why? Is it essential to have a LinkedIn profile to get a job or sell your services? Hiring managers tend to check a LinkedIn profile before anything else. People with amazing profiles tend to have more success in job seeking or marketing their business to investors because they have highlighted why they stand out in a crowd of seemingly equally qualified contenders.
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