Choosing a price for your workshop


Step 6. Cha Ching

If you are just trying to be the cheapest and your competitors are also trying to be the cheapest, your greatest risk is ending up competing with someone who has money they’re willing to burn or, even worse, who did their maths wrong. This is a bad game to play. We recommend that you differentiate yourself from your competition and charge a fair price for what you do.

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Nori’s Story

Nori and friend Kate in her ceramics studio, Julatten, Queensland

Nori’s place is in the lush Daintree near Port Douglas. It’s secluded and the kind of place where the air is heavy and damp but clean and sweet. On her property, you would find peacocks, horse, geese, dogs, lizards, and a myriad of other native animals. Nori spends much of her time in her studio where she makes beautiful and practical ceramics which she sells through a high end boutique as well as taking them to the local market once per week.

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Preparing for the legal ups and downs with Shalini

Written and Contributed by Shalini Nandan-Singh, Lawyer

The first five years of business is a rollercoaster is an understatement! To the truly committed solopreneur it’s like giving birth all over again- so much to learn and do, information overload and much uncertainty about legals – the important documents or processes you need to have in place when you start out.  Continue reading “Preparing for the legal ups and downs with Shalini”