About Us

We all know someone older and wiser who is skilled and has so much to offer yet can’t find meaningful work, in turn leaving them feeling undervalued and even depressed. I saw my Dad close his photography business after 30 years in the industry. He shelved 30 years of experience, industry knowledge, hardware knowledge, wisdom and skills. Imagine if he had somewhere he could continue to work and feel valued through sharing his skills, knowledge and more; his wisdom that goes with years of experience.

Wiserr provides just that, a place to share wisdom and skills for people over 48 through an online platform. We connect people with knowledge with those seeking knowledge through group workshops, Skype mentoring calls, one-on-one tutorials, webinars, odd jobs and e-commerce stores.

We build entrepreneurship and employment opportunities around meaningful work for the Wiserr generation in turn creating a resource of wisdom for anyone to tap in to.

Wiserr is a directory of mentors and service providers to help answer the questions, help with the job and teach us the tools without committing to a long course or costly tuition fees. This allows us to keep learning through bite size training opportunities, picking up life skills, exploring new ideas, avoiding yesteryears mistakes and even keeping an edge on our competitors through up-skilling on demand.