The entrepreneurial road is a curly one.

The big and the small of it, where we’re at in our Wiserr journey..

Update for friends following my business journey because a few of you have asked: “How’s Wiserr going, I see you’re back designing again?”

The best thing for Wiserr is for me to become a teacher.

I didn’t think this at the beginning. I thought the biggest barrier for over 40s, 50s & 60’s to create a business was not having a clear path to setting up online. When I did a bunch of customer development it was always about not knowing where to start.

Argh! I wrote my own bio and this is what it looks like..

The dreaded blank page start

I put my money where my mouth is and completed the Wiserr mini-course. I am a self-proclaimed NON-writer but I think I did an ok job and now have a well-done-me sense of achievement.

So here goes..

Helping someone identify their strengths, skills and interests in order to find a vocational sweet-spot is intoxicating. An unexpected spin-off to creating Wiserr is the joy of meeting people when they’re reflecting on their achievements and feeling their wonderfully-creative-optimistic-can-do best.

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Choosing a price for your workshop


Step 6. Cha Ching

If you are just trying to be the cheapest and your competitors are also trying to be the cheapest, your greatest risk is ending up competing with someone who has money they’re willing to burn or, even worse, who did their maths wrong. This is a bad game to play. We recommend that you differentiate yourself from your competition and charge a fair price for what you do.

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